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Soaps for dudes! Cake ‘n bacon, Scottish ale, and chocolate stout soaps, sent to me as a “just cuz you’re awesome gift” from friends.  Pretty good chance my friends are better than yours…


Your family, friends & even YOU will smell great after bathing with some BEER SOAP! Lots of scents available here…

Brewmaster Jack’s Ambrewsia, a funky full-bodied IPA, that is absurdly fragrant (very floral) with some aggressive bitterness and IPA punch.  

Trailer for Crafty Bastards: Beer in New England from the Mayflower to Modern Day, by Lauren Clark. 


Looking down on this Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout by @gooseislandbeer I get a little overwhelmed by the boozy bourbon aroma with tones of strong coffee and chocolate. Big aroma, bold taste! Booze, bourbon, coffee, chocolate, liquorice, viscous&creamy…everything you need in this type of beer and more! I’ve been craving this sought after Stout for a while and thanks to my friend @ithinkaboutbeer I got the chance of pouring it into my snifter. It surely didn’t dissapoint. Now I need more……😋🍻 #beer #drinkingcraft #crafty #Cheers #instabeerofficial #beerlover #beergeek #brewstagram #beerstagram #beerpic #craftbeer #drinkingcraftdotcom #instabeer #belgianbeergeek #beerporn #bcbcs #gooseisland #bourbon #stout #coffee

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Found Rico Sauvin last week, and what a delightful find it is!  My photo barely does it justice:  Passion is tattooed across Rico’s belly, just above a …I dunno, giant gooseberry or something emerging from his zipper.  He’s tweaking his own nipple, too.  He has HOPS tattooed above his knuckles on his left hand, maybe some Sauvignon Blanc grapes on his right arm and I’m pretty sure a mustache shaped like Nelson Sauvin hops.  This is ART Ladies and Gents.  

And the beer itself is a doozy: the double IPA-ness sneaks up on you, and even though the beer is cloudy, it does drink like a Sauvignon Blanc. A dry, wine-y slight tartness lingers on the palate. Never been confused between wine and hops, til now!


Amelia Martin - Buffalo 

(via 100proof)

Two brews from Against the Grain:  Rico Sauvin, a Double IPA with a name that is, in part, a playful spin on Sauvignon Blanc, and The Brown Note …which is, ummm, a brown ale.  

I didn’t get The Brown Note, but I did pick up Rico Sauvin, which describes itself as SEXY BEER FOR THE SEXY MAN.  And:  ”Brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops as sexy as Rico himself, the Double India Pale Ale has a strong, fruity flavor resembling that of fresh crushed Sauvignon Blanc grapes, gooseberries and passion fruit.  Let it be known that Rico is out for one thing, to be inside you!  Now admire the glistening bottle and drink up! Ah dey, Ah dey…”


Southern Tier “Mokah”

90 A-

Mokah is an Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate and roasted coffee beans. This is a blended beer, which contains Southern Tier’s “Choklat” and “Jahva.” I reviewed this two years ago, and looking back at my old photo, I see great improvements on the label, including the entire Southern Tier identity. Aromas are dominated by chocolate, giving a simple impression of Hershey’s milk chocolate, chocolate cereal malts, and details of vanilla extract.

The palate makes a lactic introduction like a chocolate milkshake. As malt grains begin to flow in, the character shifts into a chocolate cake vibe with details of oats. Caramel-flavored sweetness gathers in the middle. Dull bitterness develops on the back-end, where flavors of roasted coffee begin to rise and resonate. Alcohol is gently exposed, giving rise to a weak impression of dark fruit, followed by a subtle hint of vanilla. The mouthfeel is quite viscous like heavy cream, then thins out as oils descend.

Overall, Mokah just isn’t quite as good as I had hoped, but there’s certainly enough content to appreciate here. It’s probably best to share this one with a friend, because this is like dessert in a glass. I do like how it’s sweeter than it is bitter, so hops play a purely supportive role without divulging much, if any, intrusive flavor. Since reviewing this in 2012, I notice Southern Tier decided to lower the ABV by 1.2%, which makes this a little better at hiding the alcohol (and subsequently easier to drink). For constructive criticism, I think it needs more malts to create a bigger, more sustained body. If you love this style, you’ll find plenty to appreciate, but there are better options out there, so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it.

Malts: 2-row barley, barley flakes, caramel, chocolate, black

Hops: Columbus, Chinook



Lakewood, New York